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A10-LXS Carplay & Andriod is a monitor that's specifically designed for Lexus cars.

It's the market changer for Carplay & AA solution in Lexus market,
because it adds Carplay & AA system on top of keeping Lexus factory system. Unlike other typical products in the market, our Monitor not only has 12" FHD display, but it also maintains the resolution of whatever version of the Iphone or Android phone you use, which means nothing you see on your smartphone's screen is stretched unproportionally(you can refer to images shown in the manual)

(Interface only)


If a driver already has a big and wide factory OEM display, but no Carplay or Android Auto system, Lexion Interface can be a great sollution.

-It's all-in-one type with Interface, Carplay&Android Auto together, which means, it does not requre unncessary connectons, which again will be so much easier to install and save time, not to mention, easy to take care of if necessary

-A product with Interface and Carplay being separate(Not all-in-one) results inthe resolution being scratched out of balance or squished even, meaning Icons and Texts look weird when Carplay is on the Factory OEM displays



Through the 4 cameras installed on the vehicle, it can view front, back, left and right side.

While the vehicle is started, if the gear selector is put into the R position, it automatically starts the SVM (Surround View Monitor).

If the gear is changed from R to P position, SVM (Surround View Monitor) operation stops.

This system is a supplemental system only. It is the responsibility of the driver to always check the area around the vehicle before and while moving.

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