Be there with your carplay.

About Lexion

We, Lexion, are professional Carplay multimedia company in Korea that provides Lexus drivers with every possible solution for Carplay integration.

Lexion deals with only one Car brand, Lexus, and we are very professionally good at it. Our Carplay not only allows you to feel free from small and low-definition basic screen that comes with when you first purchased your Lexus with the wide Carplay which has beautiful full high-definition screen, but it also has a touch function that you can't drive without once you experience it.

All of our customers have told us that driving Lexus is no longer boring, rather that they enjoy driving hours with music, video clips, safe voice calls and many other functions available while driving.

We can simply describe ourselves and our products as, "There are people who didn't know about our Carplay, but there aren't any in the world that haven't enjoyed our products once they heard about us", simply because of the fact that all of our customers have been fully satisfied with new experiences they can get everyday thanks to the Carplay our company provided them with.

We sincerely hope that you can be our next happy customer.